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Image Analysis for Plant Science
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A Leaf Area Meter,

Leaf Morphology Analyser &

Disease and Insect Damage Quantifier

WinFOLIA is a computer image analysis system that accurately do morphological measurements on broad leaves. Images can be acquired with any flatbed scanner (desktop or portable) or digital camera.

The WinFOLIA program on the other hand was specifically designed for leaf analysis (area, morphology and disease analysis). It can be purchased alone or with hardware that facilitate image acquisition and analysis.

Different configurations of hardware and software are offered in function of measurements, speed, portability and cost.

The WinFOLIA software program is very easy to use. To get an image from a scanner, simply click the scanner icon and specify the scan area size. After the scan, the image is displayed in WinFOLIA's window, ready to be analysed. A simple click on the image is all that is required for basic analyses (like area, length and wdith). More complex analyses require another click at the petiole-blade junction.


Components of a WinFOLIA System
Image Acquisition Hardware


Flatbed scanners are very easy to use and produce high quality images, free of illumination problems (such as non-uniformity). They have a built-in permanent calibration (unlike cameras), so the operator does not have to calibrate their images, neither have to adjust their lighting system or lens aperture and focus.

We sell different models in function of their scan area (the maximum leaf size they can digitize), speed, accuracy and portability. Our scanners come calibrated for greater precision and a guide to get better leaf images for computer anlaysis. You can also use any scanner purchased locally. Note that we do not suggest or recommend scanners.
Portable Imaging & Calibration Kit (PICK)

Conventional and inexpensive digital cameras1 can also be used for leaf image acquisition. Precautions must be taken so that calibration can be done accurately and rapidly. To facilitate this task, we offer the Portable Imaging & Calibration Kit (PICK) for digital cameras.

The PICK is a good complementary item to our scanner based systems. It allows to acquire images of leaves and other biological samples with a camera in fields, for analysis with our software programs (WinFOLIA, WinCAM, ...). The latter can be done in field or in laboratory (recommended). It contributes in different ways to obtaining good images suitable for precise automated analysis; 1) The background provides good contrasts with the leaves, 2) The translucent non-reflective cover holds leaves firmly against it to avoid shadows and distorted measurements, and 3) Calibration targets allow to make a fast and precise calibration with one or a few clicks (or in some cases automatically). Calibration is required to get measurements in units of your choice (mm, cm...).

The PICK is offered in two different sizes and comes with two backgrounds. One is optimized for color and morphology analysis (disease quantification, area per color, leaf or object area...) using the Pro version, the other for more basic leaf area and morphology analyses (grey levels analysis).

The camera is held above the PICK using a tripod (not included) with or without an extension arm and can use the ambient or a diffuse light (not included). To avoid fuzziness, we recommend to trigger the camera using its timer or a remote control.

1 Almost any model can be used. We do not sell or recommend digital cameras.

WinFOLIA software program
The WinFOLIA software program is available in three different versions; Basic, Regular and Pro (click for details).